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Empower Your Website with Gizzmo’s Expertly-Crafted, Engaging Content Tailored for Publishers and Bloggers

High-quality content creation

Gizzmo crafts meticulously researched, captivating content designed specifically for publishers and bloggers, enhancing reader experience and site value.

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WordPress plugin

With just a few clicks, you can create complete articles with inspirational images from Amazon and publish them in just a few seconds.

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The plugin creates content with SEO-friendly headlines, titles, descriptions, and automatic internal links, designed to improve your Google rankings.

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Automated Schema Builder

Gizzmo effortlessly builds validated JSON-LD structured data markup for your WordPress pages, adhering to Schema.org specifications for optimal SEO.

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Affiliate monetization

Gizzmo embeds affiliate links in the content and automatically adds your affiliate tag, enabling you to earn commissions from the resulting sales.

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Focus Keyphrase Integration

Input your desired keyphrase, and Gizzmo will strategically incorporate it into essential and relevant parts of your article for enhanced SEO performance.

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Monetization Made Simple

Unlock Revenue Potential with Gizzmo’s Automated Product Carousels and Affiliate Integration

Supercharge Your Website with Gizzmo's Captivating, Conversion-Driven Commerce Articles

Gizzmo can create a variety of commerce-related content types, including:

Product reviews

Detailed articles focusing on a single product, highlighting its features, pros, cons, and overall performance.


Comprehensive articles featuring a selection of up to ten products, comparing their features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Buying guides

Informative articles that help readers make informed purchasing decisions by providing insights into product categories, top picks, and essential factors to consider.

How-to articles

Step-by-step guides that teach readers how to use or assemble a product, troubleshoot issues, or accomplish specific tasks related to the product.

The Gizzmo Extensions are here

Install Gizzmo’s Chrome Extension for effortless Amazon product curation, and the WordPress Plugin for streamlined article creation and publishing. Boost your content productivity and drive results with these intuitive tools.

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Gizzmo Pricing Plans: Unlock Your Full Potential

Join the 10,000+ content creators succeeding with Gizzmo! Enhance your content strategy and stay on top of your niche.



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Get a taste of Gizzmo with our Trail Package. Perfect for newcomers, this package allows you to explore the power of AI-generated content by creating up to 3 high-quality articles. Experience the ease and efficiency of Gizzmo’s features and unleash your content creation potential




Take your content production to the next level with our Starter Package. Craft detailed product reviews, engaging blog posts, and more. This package allows you to create a substantial amount of content, helping you establish your online presence and captivate your audience.




Ideal for growing businesses, our Builder Package empowers you to effortlessly scale your content production. Create a diverse range of articles, including product reviews, roundups, and blog posts, with ease. Unlock the potential to reach a wider audience and drive more traffic to your website.



/one time

Take your content production to the next level with our Starter Package. Craft detailed product reviews, engaging blog posts, and more. This package allows you to create a substantial amount of content, helping you establish your online presence and captivate your audience.



Designed for large enterprises, our Elite Package offers unlimited access to Gizzmo’s platform and a complete monetization suite. Tailored revenue-sharing models allow you to maximize your earnings. Create diverse content, optimize your website for SEO, and take your content strategy to new heights with Gizzmo’s comprehensive features.

Top Questions from Our Users

Get Quick Answers to Your Most Pressing Gizzmo Queries

How does Gizzmo help with content creation?

Gizzmo is a powerful tool that simplifies content creation by automatically generating high-quality articles based on Amazon products. With the Gizzmo Chrome extension and WordPress plugin, you can easily import products, analyze them, and create engaging, SEO-optimized content for your website.

Gizzmo compatible with all WordPress themes and page builders?

Yes, Gizzmo is designed to work seamlessly with any WordPress theme or page builder available in the market, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free integration with your existing website.

Do I need an Amazon API to use Gizzmo?

No, there’s no need for an Amazon API to use Gizzmo. All you need is a WordPress site and an Amazon affiliate tag from your account to get started.

What languages does Gizzmo support?

As of now, Gizzmo primarily supports English for content generation. We are continually working to expand our language capabilities to cater to a wider audience in the future.

What does Gizzmo offer in terms of refund policy?

Gizzmo allows you to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription according to your content requirements. If you need assistance with your account, feel free to reach out to us at (insert email address). For a detailed explanation of Gizzmo’s refund policy, please refer to our policy documentation. We are confident that when you join Gizzmo, you’ll have everything you need to create content efficiently and on a large scale.

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