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Commerce Content Generated By AI

Gizzmo.AI offers high-value, SEO-friendly content, like product reviews, roundups, or holiday gift guides, that engages readers and create revenues for publishers and bloggers.

What is Gizzmo.AI?

By working with top SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts, Gizzmo has learned to create commerce-content that not only engages readers but also drives sales and revenue for publishers and bloggers.

Complex Types Of Content

With Gizzmo, you can generate a wide range of commerce-related content, including product descriptions, buying guides, how-to articles, and more.

Customize your content

Gizzmo's content can be customized by choosing from different tone of voice options, such as "Best friend" or "Expert", and selecting the elements you want to include, like SEO-friendly headlines, product images, pros and cons, and FAQs.

Conect Your Affiliate

with Gizzmo, you can choose from various optimized affiliate monetization placements that have been tested on millions of users. You have the flexibility to select the monetization tool of your choice and easily connect your affiliate tag or referral link.

Gizzmo's content creation is designed to make it easy to create shoppable content that drives sales. This type of content is different from traditional articles as it includes product links and images that allow readers to learn about products and purchase them directly from the article.

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