5 Principles for Thriving in Google’s Core Update (March 2024)

I’ve been closely following the impact of Google’s March 2024 core algorithm update. While many in the SEO community are reporting significant ranking drops and traffic losses, Gizzmo’s sites have remained stable and even seen growth.

I believe this is because we adhere to 5 key SEO principles. These principles align with Gizzmo’s philosophy and the collective wisdom of the SEO community. My aim is to provide helpful, actionable guidance for riding out this update and emerging stronger.

1. Focus on creating real value

The first principle is to focus on creating real value for users. At Gizzmo, we leverage AI to enhance and optimize content, but our primary goal is always to provide useful, engaging information that satisfies user intent.

While we use AI to generate some content, it’s based on verified user reviews from Amazon and other platforms. This allows us to incorporate real customer insights and experiences into our product-focused articles, ensuring they offer genuine value.

The algorithm is getting better at detecting and devaluing content that exists solely to game rankings. By prioritizing value creation and user experience, you can build a site that stands the test of time.

2. Prioritize high quality content

The second principle is an obsessive focus on publishing the highest quality content possible. There’s always room for improvement, and we’re constantly pushing Gizzmo’s AI-assisted content optimization features to help users enhance quality.

Our goal is to empower people to efficiently create truly excellent, human-centric content. A few hundred words of generic fluff won’t cut it. We need to provide comprehensive, nuanced content that demonstrates real expertise and experience (E-E-A-T).

One stellar article can rank for hundreds of keywords. It’s far better to have 50 posts each ranking for 500 keywords than 500 posts ranking for 5 keywords each.

With Gizzmo’s content optimization tools, we help you find those opportunities to go deeper, answer related questions, and fully cover a topic. Small details matter for building authority. The key is writing to provide maximum value for humans, not just to entice clicks from the algorithm.

3. Stick to a tightly defined niche

The third principle is to avoid straying outside your site’s core niche and expertise. Focusing on a specific niche is crucial for building topical authority and not confusing Google or your audience. The algorithm rewards “niched down” sites that cover their area comprehensively.

As a small site, you can’t compete with giants like the New York Times by writing about everything under the sun. But you can dominate a profitable sub-niche. Gizzmo helps you identify those opportunities with our niche research tools.

4. Balance commercial and informational content 

The fourth principle is finding the right mix of informational and commercial content. You need to build trust before you can effectively sell.

I recommend a 50/50 or even 80/20 split between informational and affiliate content. You don’t want to send the wrong signals to Google by being overly transactional.

With Gizzmo’s content calendar and optimization tools, we help you find that balance. You can stagger informational guides, how-tos, product reviews, and comparisons to serve audience needs while still generating affiliate commissions.

5. Diversify traffic sources

The fifth and final principle is diversifying your traffic sources beyond just Google search. While organic traffic is great, you don’t want to be fully dependent on the whims of algorithm updates. 

Repurpose your written content for video and visual platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest. You’re already putting in the work to create a great article, so get more mileage out of it!

Gizzmo makes it easy to extract key points from your content and quickly craft social media posts, video outlines, and infographics. We also help you build an email list to create a loyal audience and insulate against ranking fluctuations.


To thrive in this challenging March 2024 update, lean into creating the best possible content for humans, not algorithms. Focus on your niche, diversify your traffic mix, and play the long game. 

If you want to chat more about riding out this update or how Gizzmo can help grow your site, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always happy to connect with our community.

Here’s to your SEO success,
Dror Bangal
CEO, Gizzmo.ai

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